A Word from the Old Wizard

Hail, traveler!

Where are you, you say?
Well, it seems you’ve stumbled into The Great Pond – a world of myths, mystery, and magically-inclined fish called Whiskers! Species of koi and catfish in particular are prevalent throughout, all of whom hail from the many different regions and cultures of the world. Whiskers is a universe of magic and mysteries, political intrigue and turmoil, ageless myths and budding legends, all! We invite you to explore The Great Pond and create your own whisker’s story in the endless interconnected chapters of the Book of Ponds!


That’s right, Whiskers!
In the Whiskers universe, species of koi and catfish experienced rapid evolution many centuries ago, after a world-changing magic spell was cast to return life to the world. At that time, a global catastrophe had nearly wiped away nearly all the living things in the world, but one very old wizard still lived. Whiskers inherited the magical powers of that wizard, and, after countless years of building, have developed several different cultures, societies, and nations.

Tell me more…?

Well, it was all a dream…
…until the world of Whiskers was conceptualized, written, and illustrated by RICO製, a multi-disciplinary artist who has been writing, illustrating, and loving fantasy worlds since at least 2005. He graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (cum laude) with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Print Media in May, 2020. Among his other interests are cinematography, music production, programming, photography, 3D design, and skateboarding.