The Magna Congregatio

Since the casting of the original World Spell, many Adventurers have roamed the continent in search of ancient artifacts and gold. Some even went in search of the Endless Life, the immortality The Old Wizard once possessed. Some Whiskers traveled alone, others in small parties, but every Whisker loved to come together for the annual Magna Congregatio (Great Gathering).
Hosted in Windrose City, The Magna Congregatio was a festival dedicated to honoring the legacy of The Old Wizard, and to celebrating his sacrifice, the sacrifice that regifted the world with its most precious treasure – life. For most Whiskers, this was a time to be merry, to rest, and to reflect on the dangers that lie beyond the walls and waters of Windrose City. For others, it was a time to find those who more directly inherited The Will of The Old Wizard… those who were born with a Shard of End.
Those who carry the onus of fate.