Regions of the Great Pond

Whiskers come in all shapes and sizes. But where do they all live?
…is steeped in tradition and formality, ruled justly for centuries by the royal lineage of the Westeria family. It’s now divided into a series of townships and castles, overseen by various Barons and Baronesses who often squabble amongst each other.
The Whiskers of the West are known to be well-educated and cultured, and some certainly think themselves superior to the wilder Whiskers’ from more distant regions… though there’s fierce debate over that assertion.
…are home to a sturdy, rugged sect of Whiskers. The glubbers in this region are mostly warriors and barbarians who've broken off into small tribes and clans -- perpetually warring with each other for resources.
Given its inhospitable climate, few Whiskers visit the north for leisure, and there are many snowy trails and jagged cliffs littered with the bones of poor Whiskers who could not survive the harsh winds and temperatures.
…are a lush territory home to many different varieties of flora and fauna. Given the rich biome the forest's ecosystem provides, nature-attuned Whiskers often travel here to forage for rare herbs, fungi, and many other mystical ingredients. It's quite common to find Rangers and Druids keeping company in these areas.
High above the forest floor, Archers keep watch over the treetop villages that spread out among the forest canopy...ensuring safety for both visitors, and those Whiskers who call the forest home.
…is a sweltering and desolate region, known for its vivid crimson sands. Violent windstorms are a frequent danger but not the only threat, as nomads and rogues are often found patrolling the trade routes, hoping to pick off any ill-defended caravans.
If you know the area well, you can find safety at the nearby oasis city of Amalhasu -- a desert city with a flourishing local market and lively social scene.
…sits at the center of The Great Pond, a hub between all four disparate regions. It’s a diverse melting-pot of Whiskers from far and wide, some who prefer the constant buzz of an urban-lifestyle and some who may pass through for more nefarious reasons… (rumor has it there’s a bustling Black Market held in the old sewers beneath the city).
The mingling of Whiskers at Windrose has always put the city at the forefront of innovation, and many great minds have emerged from the storied guilds and academies. Legend even says that the shrine at the center of the city was built overtop of the ruins of The Turris Sapientiae itself.