Whispers from the Underground

You hear a voice from deep beneath the Great Pond...
The First Quest
A pulse emanates from within...
"Seek Answers..."
"Find Sage Max and Master Wolves at The Magna Congregatio. They will show you the way to the key."
The Second Quest
"Your resolve is admirable. Your cunning is sharp. You do possess the Shards of End after all. Forgive me but I had to test you. It isn’t safe anymore. You are worthy of the order, having followed the path paved by Tinkerboops. The Order acknowledges the alacrity of Doki the First. I’ll be waiting for you at Apotheke at dusk tomorrow. Find the ”Chemist”. Be discreet.
I’ll send a formal invitation an hour before the sun is at its highest tomorrow. Respond with haste. Too many powerful Shards of End will draw it out!
"For your patience I am much obliged. I can only channel this power so often and for so long. Consider this your formal invitation.
Meet me at the Underground Pond. The blackmarket of Windrose City. Seek the Chemist. Give the password: “I’m looking for the Underground Pond"...